AnAge entry for Microtus oeconomus

Classification (HAGRID: 02528)

Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
        Class: Mammalia (Taxon entry)
            Order: Rodentia
                Family: Cricetidae
                    Genus: Microtus
Microtus oeconomus
Common name
Tundra vole
Microtus ratticeps, Microtus amakensis, Arvicola arenicola, Microtus elymocetes, Microtus innuitus, Microtus kadiacensis, Microtus koreni, Microtus macfarlani, Lemmus medius, Arvicola operarius, Arvicola ouralensis, Arvicola ratticeps, Microtus sitkensis, Microtus tshuktshorum, Microtus uchidae, Microtus unalascensis, Microtus yakutatensis, Microtus ratticeps altaicus, Microtus oeconomus anikini, Microtus oeconomus dauricus, Microtus operarius endoecus, Microtus oeconomus gilmorei, Microtus oeconomus hahlovi, Mus oeconomus kamtschaticus, Microtus oeconomus kjusjurensis, Microtus ratticeps mehelyi, Microtus ratticeps montiumcaelestinum, Microtus oeonomus naumovi, Microtus ratticeps petshorae, Microtus unalascensis popofensis, Microtus innuitus punukensis, Microtus oeconomus shantaricus, Arvicola ratticeps stimmingi, Microtus oeconomus suntaricus, Arvicola terrestris uralensis, Microtus oeconomus elymocetes

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits

Maximum longevity
Not yet established

Voles, in general, are short-lived and show seasonal population crashes, probably due to lack of food. These animals are estimated to live up to 1.8 years [0542], but without further studies their maximum longevity cannot be determined.

Life history traits (averages)

Female sexual maturity
30 days
Male sexual maturity
48 days
22 days
19 days
Litter size
7 (viviparous)
Litters per year
Inter-litter interval
29 days
Weight at birth
2.43 g
Weight at weaning
18 g
Adult weight
58 g
Postnatal growth rate
0.0798 days-1 (from Gompertz function)


Typical body temperature
312ºK or 38.4ºC or 101.1ºF
Basal metabolic rate
0.5660 W
Body mass
32.8 g
Metabolic rate per body mass
0.017256 W/g


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