Downloading the Human Ageing Genomic Resources

You may download all the raw data in our databases. Datasets usually only contain the raw data, not observations, though these can be made available on request. Please also keep in mind that data is derived from the latest stable build of a given database and thus may slightly differ from the online version due to additions, corrections, etc. Older versions of our databases are available on request.


You can download zipped tab-delimited ASCII files with all genes from the human dataset and all genes from the model organisms dataset.

The gene expression signature of ageing from our meta-analysis of ageing in mammals is available as a zipped file.


You can download the full list of genes, variants and studies in the LongevityMap as a CSV file.


You can download the GenDR gene manipulations database as a tab-delimited ASCII dataset.

You can also download data from individual model organisms with or without all corresponding homologs for that species in the main page of GenDR.

The DR gene expression signatures, from our meta-analysis of DR in mammals, are available as an excel spreadsheet.


You can dowload the DrugAge database as a CSV file.


Users can download a tab-delimited ASCII dataset. References are cited by number according to AnAge's Bibliographical Database.


You can download CellAge gene database as a CSV file. You can also download the cell senescence signatures as a CSV file.


To download the Ageing Research Computational Tools (ARCT), please visit the main page of ARCT, or just download ARCT.


We are committed to Open Science, so please contact us for any other datasets or information not available for download. This is better than trying to use automated methods to retrieve data from our website, and we reserve the right to block accesses from users that spam or misuse our server, or use our resources for spamming or for any other inappropriate use, as mentioned in our disclaimer.