LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

Welcome to the LongevityMap, a database of human genetic variants associated with longevity. Negative results are also included in the LongevityMap to provide visitors with as much information as possible regarding each gene and variant previously studied in context of longevity. As such, the LongevityMap serves as a repository of genetic association studies of longevity and reflects our current knowledge of the genetics of human longevity.

Finding Entries

Searching the LongevityMap can be done by gene or genetic variant (e.g., refSNP number). You can enter one or more words from the gene's name or use the gene's HGNC symbol. Note that the search is case insensitive. It is also possible to search for a specific cytogenetic location but for this you need to tick the box below.

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Finding Studies

To search for a specific study in the LongevityMap, you may browse or search its literature:


You may download a zipped tab-delimited ASCII dataset with the raw data, derived from the latest stable build of the LongevityMap.


If you find an error or wish to propose a study or variant to be included in the database, please contact us. To receive the latest news and announcements, please join the HAGR-news mailing list.