Bioinformatic Tools for Ageing Research

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Perl Toolkit

Demographic Analysis

Demographic Analysis

Software, namely in the form of scripts for Perl and SPSS, is made available for users to perform a variety of bioinformatic analyses potentially relevant for studying ageing. Our Perl toolkit, entitled the Ageing Research Computational Tools (ARCT), provides modules for parsing files, data-mining, searching and downloading data from the Internet, etc. Also available is an SPSS script that can be used to determine the demographic rate of ageing for a given population. A more detailed description of the method used is also available.

Essentially, this is a repository of Perl and SPSS scripts we made through the years for our own analyses but that others may find useful. Because they were not designed with the end-user in mind, using the scripts requires some knowledge of Perl or SPSS and users are strongly advised to read the documentation and understand the scripts prior to using any of them.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.


We are not responsible for any damage the use of these scripts may cause. Use at your own risk. All the scripts are made freely available to everyone under the terms and conditions described in HAGR's license.