AnAge entry for Mola mola

Classification (HAGRID: 04220)

Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
        Class: Teleostei
            Order: Tetraodontiformes
                Family: Molidae
                    Genus: Mola
Mola mola
Common name
Ocean sunfish
Tetraodon mola, Molacanthus pallasii, Orthragoriscus retzii, Diodon mola, Diodon carinatus, Mola rotunda, Mola aculeata, Orthragus luna, Ozodura orsini, Orthragoriscus lunaris, Pedalion capensis, Orthragoriscus blochii, Orthragoriscus fasciatus, Trematopsis willugbei, Orthragoriscus alexandrini, Orthragoriscus rondeletii, Orthragoriscus redi, Orthagoriscus analis, Orthragoriscus ghini, Aledon storeri, Mola hispida, Cephalus pallasianus, Cephalus ortagoriscus, Diodon nummularis, Orthragoriscus elegans, Pedalion gigas, Tympanomium planci, Cephalus brevis, Mola aspera, Orthragoriscus hispidus, Diplanchias nasus

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits

Maximum longevity
Not yet established

Very little is known about the longevity of sunfishes, though given their large body size and reproductive output it is possibly they are long-lived. They can lay 300,000,000 eggs. Anecdotes suggest they can live more than 10 years in captivity, but possibly much longer [0760].

Life history traits (averages)

Female sexual maturity
Male sexual maturity
Clutch size
300,000,000 (oviparous)
Adult weight
1,265,000 g


No information on metabolism is available.


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