AnAge entry for Lepus americanus

Classification (HAGRID: 02229)

Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
        Class: Mammalia (Taxon entry)
            Order: Lagomorpha
                Family: Leporidae
                    Genus: Lepus
Lepus americanus
Common name
Snowshoe hare

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits

Maximum longevity
Not yet established

In the wild, these animals do not generally live more than 3 years and most die within their first year of life. Potential longevity has been estimated at 5 years [0434]. One wild born specimen was about 5.4 years of age when it died in captivity [0671]. Anecdotal reports of animals living up to 8 years have not been confirmed. Further studies are necessary to better estimate the maximum longevity of this species.

Life history traits (averages)

Female sexual maturity
308 days
Male sexual maturity
411 days
36 days
20 days
Litter size
3 (viviparous)
Litters per year
Inter-litter interval
39 days
Weight at birth
61.03 g
Weight at weaning
362 g
Adult weight
1,600 g
Postnatal growth rate
0.0376 days-1 (from Gompertz function)


Typical body temperature
313ºK or 39.8ºC or 103.6ºF
Basal metabolic rate
6.7080 W
Body mass
1603.4 g
Metabolic rate per body mass
0.004184 W/g


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