Cancer Incidence Variation Across Organs Correlated with Gene Expression

The wide variation in cancer incidence across human organs is a poorly understood phenomenon. In this paper we performed a genome-wide scan to identify genes whose expression across healthy organs correlates with mass-normalized, organ-specific cancer incidence. We identified a number of new candidate genes associated with tumorigenesis. Besides, to do this analysis we created a number of datasets and developed methods that may be useful for other analyses in oncogenomics.

In this page you will find the results and datasets derived from our analysis, including the supplementary material, previously described in:

Silva AS, Wood SH, van Dam S, Berres S, McArdle A, de Magalhaes JP (2011) Gathering insights on disease etiology from gene expression profiles of healthy tissues. Bioinformatics 27:3300-3305.


Supplementary material