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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
04111Cottus aleuticusCoastrange sculpin804111
04112Cottus asperPrickly sculpin704112
04113Cottus bairdiiMottled sculpin604113
04114Cottus carolinaeBanded sculpin404114
04115Cottus cognatusSlimy sculpin704115
04116Cottus confususShorthead sculpin604116
04117Cottus gobioBullhead504117
04118Cottus paulusPygmy sculpin204118
04119Cottus poecilopusAlpine bullhead804119
04121Myoxocephalus octodecemspinosusLonghorn sculpin1104121
04122Myoxocephalus quadricornisFourhorn sculpin1404122