Podospora_anserina AnAge entry for Podospora anserina

Classification (HAGRID: 04244)

Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
        Class: Sordariomycetes
            Order: Sordariales
                Family: Lasiosphaeriaceae
                    Genus: Podospora
Podospora anserina
Common name
Filamentous fungus

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits

Maximum longevity
Not yet established

Ageing in these organisms is associated with the accumulation of defective mitochondrial DNA [0768]. Lifespan can be measured as the time it takes for cultures to stop growing. One mutant reportedly grew for over 12 years without signs of ageing [0769]. One study identified several pathways affected during ageing. Transcripts linked to ribosomes and proteasome quality control decreased. Transcript profiles associated with autophagy increased. Those associated with energy metabolism fluctuated [1203].

Life history traits (averages)

No information is available on life history. Please contact us if you wish to suggest or contribute data.


No information on metabolism is available.

Species in other databases

Genes have been associated with ageing in this organism


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