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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02218Erinaceus amurensisAmur hedgehog802218
02337CebusCapuchin monkeys--02337
02398Semnopithecus johniiHooded leaf monkey3402398
02464Pithecia irrorataGray monk sakiNot yet established02464
02647Trichys fasciculataLong-tailed porcupineNot yet established02647
02789Ratufa affinisPale giant squirrelNot yet established02789
02794Sciurus aestuansGuianan squirrelNot yet established02794
02803Sciurus stramineusGuayaquil squirrelNot yet established02803
04547Nyctophilus timoriensisGreater long-eared batNot yet established04547
04555Scotorepens orionOrion broad-nosed bat11.104555
02204Bettongia tropicaNorthern bettongNot yet established02204
02753Callosciurus finlaysoniiFinlayson's squirrel12.802753
02787Pteromys momongaJapanese flying squirrelNot yet established02787
02792Sciurotamias davidianusPere David's rock squirrelNot yet established02792
04611Spalax carmeliMt carmel blind mole ratNot yet established04611