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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01752Vulpes veloxSwift fox15.901752
01748Vulpes lagopusArctic fox16.301748
01753Vulpes vulpesRed fox21.301753
01754Vulpes zerdaFennec16.301754
01747Vulpes corsacCorsac fox1301747
01751Vulpes rueppelliiRuppell's sand fox14.301751
01749Vulpes macrotisKit fox15.801749
01750Vulpes pallidaPale fox1601750
01745Vulpes canaBlanford's foxNot yet established01745
01744Vulpes bengalensisIndian foxNot yet established01744
01743Urocyon littoralisIsland gray foxNot yet established01743
01746Vulpes chamaCape foxNot yet established01746