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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01026Vireo atricapillaBlack-capped vireo1201026
01028Vireo flavifronsYellow-throated vireo6.101028
01031Vireo huttoniHutton's vireo13.501031
01034Vireo philadelphicusPhiladelphia vireo9.801034
01035Vireo solitariusBlue-headed vireo7.401035
01032Vireo latimeriPuerto rican vireo16.801032
01030Vireo griseusWhite-eyed vireo10.901030
01033Vireo olivaceusRed-eyed vireo10.201033
01029Vireo gilvusWarbling vireo13.101029
01036Vireo viciniorGrey vireoNot yet established01036
01027Vireo belliiBell's vireo9.101027