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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01988Carollia perspicillataSeba's short-tailed bat1701988
02036Lasionycteris noctivagansSilver-haired bat1202036
02069Vespertilio murinusParticolored bat14.502069
02038Myotis bechsteiniiBechstein's bat2102038
02040Myotis brandtiiBrandt's bat4102040
02046Myotis keeniiKeen's myotis1902046
02067Plecotus austriacusGray big-eared bat25.502067
02047Myotis leibiiEastern small-footed myotis1202047
02064Pipistrellus nathusiiNathusius's pipistrelle1102064
02041Myotis dasycnemePond bat20.502041
02014Pteropus nigerGreater mascarene flying fox19.402014