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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02405Trachypithecus obscurusDusky leaf monkey33.902405
02402Trachypithecus cristatusSilvered leaf monkey28.302402
02401Trachypithecus auratusJavan langur31.102401
02403Trachypithecus francoisiFrancois's leaf monkey26.302403
02399Semnopithecus vetulusPurple-faced leaf monkey26.102399
02404Trachypithecus geeiGolden leaf monkeyNot yet established02404
02407Trachypithecus pileatusCapped leaf monkey25.202407
02406Trachypithecus phayreiPhayre's leaf monkey28.302406
02398Semnopithecus johniiHooded leaf monkey3402398