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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02466Pithecia pitheciaGuianan saki3602466
02467Plecturocebus cupreusCoppery titi26.402467
02468Plecturocebus donacophilusBolivian titi2502468
02459Cacajao calvusRed uakari35.802459
02461Chiropotes albinasusWhite-nosed bearded saki2002461
02460Cacajao melanocephalusBlack uakariNot yet established02460
02463Pithecia aequatorialisEquatorial sakiNot yet established02463
02462Chiropotes satanasBrown-bearded saki19.602462
02465Pithecia monachusMonk saki2502465
02469Plecturocebus molochDusky titi26.202469
02464Pithecia irrorataGray monk sakiNot yet established02464