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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02294Myrmecophaga tridactylaGiant anteater3102294
02292Choloepus didactylusSouthern two-toed sloth36.802292
02293Choloepus hoffmanniHoffmann's two-toed sloth4102293
02296Tamandua tetradactylaSouthern tamandua1902296
02290Bradypus tridactylusPale-throated three-toed slothNot yet established02290
02289Bradypus torquatusManed three-toed slothNot yet established02289
02295Tamandua mexicanaNorthern tamandua1602295
02291Cyclopes didactylusSilky anteaterNot yet established02291