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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02222Halichoerus grypusGray seal42.902222
02234Phoca vitulinaHarbor seal47.602234
02318Phocoenoides dalliDall's porpoise2202318
02214Callorhinus ursinusNorthern fur sealNot yet established02214
02215Eumetopias jubatusSteller sea lion32.802215
02237Pusa sibiricaBaikal seal5602237
02221Erignathus barbatusBearded sealNot yet established02221
02223Histriophoca fasciataRibbon sealNot yet established02223
02297Pseudorca crassidensFalse killer whale62.502297
02316Neophocaena phocaenoidesFinless porpoise3302316
02235Pusa caspicaCaspian sealNot yet established02235
02226Lobodon carcinophagaCrabeater sealNot yet established02226
02228Mirounga leoninaSouthern elephant sealNot yet established02228
02229Monachus monachusMediterranean monk sealNot yet established02229
02207Odobenus rosmarusWalrusNot yet established02207
02220Cystophora cristataHooded sealNot yet established02220
02232Pagophilus groenlandicusHarp sealNot yet established02232
02233Phoca larghaSpotted sealNot yet established02233
02224Hydrurga leptonyxLeopard sealNot yet established02224
02236Pusa hispidaRinged seal4602236