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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02197Trichosurus vulpeculaBrush-tailed possum15.902197
02198Wyulda squamicaudataScaly-tailed possumNot yet established02198
02192Phalanger gymnotisGround cuscus18.902192
02191Ailurops ursinusSulawesi bear cuscus, or Bear cuscusNot yet established02191
02194Spilocuscus maculatusCommon spotted cuscus, or Spotted cuscus1702194
02195Trichosurus arnhemensisNorthern brush-tailed possumNot yet established02195
02196Trichosurus caninusMountain brush-tailed possumNot yet established02196
02193Phalanger orientalisGray cuscusNot yet established02193