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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02636Perognathus longimembrisLittle pocket mouse8.302636
02621Chaetodipus fallaxSan Diego pocket mouse8.302621
02635Perognathus flavusSilky pocket mouseNot yet established02635
02638Perognathus parvusGreat Basin pocket mouse5.802638
02622Chaetodipus formosusLong-tailed pocket mouse7.102622
02634Perognathus flavescensPlains pocket mouseNot yet established02634
02623Chaetodipus nelsoniNelson's pocket mouseNot yet established02623
02633Perognathus amplusArizona pocket mouse5.902633
02637Perognathus merriamiMerriam's pocket mouseNot yet established02637