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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02267Perameles gunniiEastern barred bandicoot6.102267
02270Macrotis lagotisRabbit-bandicoot, or Bilby9.602270
02264Isoodon macrourusNorthern brown bandicoot6.802264
02265Isoodon obesulusSouthern brown bandicoot6.502265
02262Echymipera rufescensLong-nosed echymipera3.102262
02261Echymipera kalubuCommon echymipera, or New Guinea spiny bandicootNot yet established02261
02266Perameles bougainvilleWestern barred bandicoot5.802266
02268Perameles nasutaLong-nosed bandicoot5.602268
02269Peroryctes raffrayanaRaffray's bandicoot3.202269
02263Isoodon auratusGolden bandicoot6.702263