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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02697Mus musculusHouse mouse402697
02717Rattus norvegicusNorway rat3.802717
02648Acomys cahirinusSpiny mouse5.902648
02718Rattus rattusRat4.202718
02691Micromys minutusOld World harvest mouse3.802691
02649Acomys cilicicusTurkish spiny mouse402649
02686Meriones unguiculatusMongolian jird6.302686
02674Hydromys chrysogasterGolden-bellied water rat7.302674
02708Psammomys obesusFat sand rat3.202708
02695Mus minutoidesSouthern African pygmy mouse, or Pygmy mouse4.302695
02699Notomys alexisSpinifex hopping mouse6.402699
02658Apodemus sylvaticusLong-tailed field mouse6.302658
02719Rhabdomys pumilioFour-striped grass mouse4.502719
02709Pseudomys australisPlains mouse, or Australian native mouse7.902709
02676Lemniscomys striatusTypical striped grass mouse4.802676
02721Sekeetamys calurusBushy-tailed jird7.302721
02671Gerbillus perpallidusPale gerbil5.502671
02681Meriones libycusLibyan jird5.202681
02659Arvicanthis niloticusNile kusu6.702659
02666Dipodillus campestrisNorth African gerbil7.302666