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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02252Macroscelides proboscideusShort-eared elephant shrew8.702252
02251Elephantulus rufescensRufous elephant shrew7.902251
02247Elephantulus brachyrhynchusShort-nosed elephant shrewNot yet established02247
02253Petrodromus tetradactylusFour-toed elephant shrewNot yet established02253
02249Elephantulus intufiBushveld elephant shrew, or Long-eared elephant shrew9.302249
02250Elephantulus rozetiNorth African elephant shrew7.202250
02254Rhynchocyon chrysopygusGolden-rumped elephant shrew1102254
02248Elephantulus edwardiiCape elephant shrewNot yet established02248
02255Rhynchocyon cirneiCheckered elephant shrewNot yet established02255