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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02641Hystrix africaeaustralisCape porcupine23.102641
02642Hystrix brachyuraMalayan porcupine27.302642
02644Hystrix indicaIndian crested porcupine27.102644
02643Hystrix cristataAfrican porcupine2802643
02639Atherurus africanusAfrican brush-tailed porcupine22.902639
02646Hystrix sumatraeSumatran porcupineNot yet established02646
02645Hystrix pumilaIndonesian porcupineNot yet established02645
02640Atherurus macrourusAsiatic brush-tailed porcupineNot yet established02640
02647Trichys fasciculataLong-tailed porcupineNot yet established02647