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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
03683Hippocampus erectusLined seahorse, or Hudson sea horse4.703683
03680Gasterosteus aculeatusAlaskan stickleback803680
03678Apeltes quadracusFourspine stickleback303678
03679Culaea inconstansBrook stickleback203679
03681Pungitius pungitiusNinespine stickleback503681
03682Hypoptychus dybowskiiKorean sandeel103682
03685Hippocampus whiteiWhite's seahorse503685
03686Hippocampus zosteraeDwarf seahorse103686
03687Syngnathus scovelliGulf pipefish303687
03684Hippocampus guttulatusSea horse603684