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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02214Atelerix albiventrisFour-toed hedgehog11.402214
02220Erinaceus europaeusWestern European hedgehog11.702220
02217Echinosorex gymnuraMoonratNot yet established02217
02222Paraechinus aethiopicusDesert hedgehog6.302222
02221Hemiechinus auritusLong-eared hedgehog7.602221
02223Paraechinus hypomelasBrandt's hedgehog702223
02216Atelerix frontalisSouthern african hedgehogNot yet established02216
02219Erinaceus concolorEastern European hedgehog702219
02215Atelerix algirusNorth african hedgehogNot yet established02215
02218Erinaceus amurensisAmur hedgehog802218