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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02601Proechimys semispinosusTome's spiny rat, or Spiny rat5.802601
02602Thrichomys apereoidesCommon punare, or Brazilian spiny rat702602
02596Hoplomys gymnurusArmored rat702596
02599Proechimys guairaeGuaira spiny rat, or Quaira spiny ratNot yet established02599
02600Proechimys guyannensisCayenne spiny ratNot yet established02600
02598Proechimys brevicaudaAndean spiny rat, or Short-tailed spiny-rat6.802598
02597Makalata didelphoidesRed-nosed armored tree-ratNot yet established02597