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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02590Jaculus jaculusLesser Egyptian jerboa7.302590
02594Zapus hudsoniusMeadow jumping mouse5.602594
02592Napaeozapus insignisWoodland jumping mouseNot yet established02592
02593Sicista betulinaNorthern birch mouseNot yet established02593
02591Jaculus orientalisGreater Egyptian jerboa5.502591
02587Allactaga euphraticaEuphrates jerboa4.202587
02595Zapus princepsWestern jumping mouseNot yet established02595
02586Allactaga elaterSmall five-toed jerboa5.202586
02589Allactaga sibiricaMongolian five-toed jerboa4.502589
02588Allactaga majorGreat jerboa702588