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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02579Dasyprocta leporinaRed-rumped agouti, or Agouti17.802579
02576Dasyprocta azaraeAzara's agouti11.802576
02582Dasyprocta punctataCentral American agouti13.802582
02584Myoprocta acouchyRed acouchi14.802584
02581Dasyprocta prymnolophaBlack-rumped agouti16.302581
02578Dasyprocta fuliginosaBlack agouti1802578
02580Dasyprocta mexicanaMexican agouti13.102580
02583Dasyprocta ruatanicaRuatan island agouti, or Ruatan agouti13.702583
02577Dasyprocta cristataCrested agouti1402577