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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
00675Corvus coraxCommon raven6900675
00672Coloeus monedulaEurasian crow and Eurasian jackdaw20.300672
00677Corvus coroneCarrion crow19.200677
00673Corvus brachyrhynchosAmerican crow2000673
00680Corvus frugilegusRook22.900680
00681Corvus hawaiiensisHawaiian crow2500681
00679Corvus cryptoleucusChihuahuan raven21.800679
00674Corvus caurinusNorthwestern crow16.700674
00682Corvus ossifragusFish crow14.500682
00676Corvus cornixHooded crow16.800676
00678Corvus coronoidesAustralian raven21.800678