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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02310Ateles fuscicepsBrown-headed spider monkey4602310
02311Ateles geoffroyiCentral American spider monkey47.102311
02313Ateles paniscusBlack spider monkey4602313
02302Alouatta carayaBlack howler monkey32.402302
02314Brachyteles arachnoidesWoolly spider monkey or muriqui4002314
02315Lagothrix lagothrichaHumboldt's woolly monkey3202315
02309Ateles chamekChamek spider monkey42.802309
02304Alouatta palliataMantled howler monkey2402304
02305Alouatta pigraMexican black howler monkeyNot yet established02305
02307Alouatta seniculusRed howler monkey2502307
02308Ateles belzebuthWhite-bellied spider monkey3702308
02303Alouatta guaribaBrown howler monkeyNot yet established02303
02312Ateles marginatusWhite-whiskered spider monkey4402312
02306Alouatta saraBolivian red howler monkeyNot yet established02306