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Classification (HAGRID: 03243)

Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
Reptilia (Browse taxon)
Common name
Anapsida, Lepidosauria, Archosauria, Diapsida
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Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits


Reptiles show a variety of ageing phenotypes: fast, gradual, and negligible senescence. Both reproductive senescence and oogenesis in adulthood have been reported. Reptiles tend to grow slower at older ages, in both short- and long-lived species. Most reptiles feature polyphyodonty [0019].

Many reptiles have been found to have an increase in mortality with age. Additionally, reptiles appear to be less likely to suffer from a reproductive decline with age, as opposed to mammals. It is yet not fully clear if the common drivers of the ageing process in mammals can also be applied to reptiles, owing to contradicting findings [1396].

Reptiles living in islands, or in cold environments, or in seasonal regions will have longer lifespans. As such, reptilian species that have reduced mortality pressures, by avoiding predation, lower metabolic rates and shorter activity periods, will in general live longer [1397].


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