Saccharomyces_cerevisiae AnAge entry for Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Classification (HAGRID: 04669)

Kingdom: Fungi
    Phylum: Ascomycota
        Class: Saccharomycetes
            Order: Saccharomycetales
                Family: Saccharomycetaceae
                    Genus: Saccharomyces
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Common name
Baker's yeast
Candida robusta, Saccharomyces ellipsoideus

Lifespan, ageing, and relevant traits

Maximum longevity
0.04 years (captivity)
Multiple references, please see bibliography below
Sample size
Data quality

The budding yeast suffers from clonal or replicative senescence in which each mother cell can only divide a limited amount of times to produce daughter cells; the number of divisions by the mother cell is thus used to determine lifespan. The accumulation of extrachromosomal ribosomal DNA circles has been suggested as a possible causal mechanism of replicative senescence [0045]. It is also possible to measure chronological lifespan in yeast in terms of stationary phase survival; that is, the survival of individual cells in a non-dividing state. Longevity varies considerably between strains and various manipulations, including caloric restriction which in yeast consists of reducing the glucose level, increase lifespan [0981]. Caloric restriction replicative lifespan extension in yeast has been reported to be a non-cell autonomous process. Conditioned medium from caloric restriction treated cells transmits the longevity benefit of caloric restriction to moved mother cells, suggesting the process may benefit neighbouring cells, not only the individual cell [1209].

Several genes have been identified that regulate clonal senescence or chronological lifespan [0056], but because these two measurements are fundamentally different some genes have been shown to have opposite effects on them [0746].

Life history traits (averages)

No information is available on life history. Please contact us if you wish to suggest or contribute data.


No information on metabolism is available.

Species in other databases

Genes have been associated with ageing in this organism


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