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BIBLIO ID Author(s) and year Title Citations External link
00001Carey and Judge (2000)Longevity Records: Life Spans of Mammals, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, and Fish226URL
00669Brouwer et al. (2000)Longevity records for Psittaciformes in captivity153Search
00730Smith et al. (2003)Body mass of late Quaternary mammals136Search
01143Nussey et al. (2013)Senescence in natural populations of animals: widespread evidence and its implications for bio-gerontology134PubMed
00467Lindenfors (2002)Sexually antagonistic selection on primate size134Search
00681Peter Kappeler and Michael Pereira (2003)Primate Life Histories and Socioecology108Search
00822Garcia et al. (2008)The importance of habitat and life history to extinction risk in sharks, skates, rays and chimaeras104PubMed
00522Fisher et al. (2001)The ecological basis of life history variation in marsupials98Search
00538Don Wilson and Sue Ruff (1999)The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals93Search
00441William Burt et al. (1998)A Field Guide to Mammals90Search
00979Young et al. (2012)Survival on the ark: life history trends in captive parrots90PubMed
00679Harvey and Clutton-Brock (1985)Life-history variation in primates87Search
00436Cutler (1979)Evolution of human longevity: a critical overview75PubMed
00575Flower (1938)Furter notes on the duration of life in animals. IV. Birds73Search
00002Caleb Finch (1990)Longevity, Senescence, and the Genome70Search
00971Jones et al. (2003)Biological correlates of extinction risk in bats69PubMed
00022Cailliet et al. (2001)Age determination and validation studies of marine fishes: do deep- dwellers live longer?67PubMed
00424Wilkinson and South (2002)Life history, ecology and longevity in bats62PubMed
00435McKechnie and Wolf (2004)The allometry of avian basal metabolic rate: good predictions need good data61PubMed