LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

Found 96 results. Showing results 81 to 96.

ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
184Non-significant (study details)DutchSOD26q25.3van Heemst et al. (2005)
G543Non-significant (study details, 8 variants)German SOD26q25.3Gentschew et al. (2013)
364Significant (study details)DanishSOD26q25.3Soerensen et al. (2009)
31Non-significant (study details)ItalianSOD26q25.3De Benedictis et al. (1998)
G453Non-significant (study details, 32 variants)German 25 genesmultipleNebel et al. (2011)
118Non-significant (study details)Irish (Belfast)TNF6p21.33Ross et al. (2003)
198Significant (study details)MexicanTNF6p21.33Soto-Vega et al. (2005)
140Non-significant (study details)BulgarianTNF6p21.33Naumova et al. (2004)
75Non-significant (study details)FinnishTNF6p21.33Wang et al. (2001)
204Non-significant (study details)JapaneseTNF6p21.33Okayama et al. (2005)
G471Significant (study details, 3 variants)Italian (Central)2 genesmultipleNapolioni et al. (2011)
247Non-significant (study details)JordanianTNF6p21.33Khabour and Barnawi (2010)
G517Significant (study details, 2 variants)ItalianTNF6p21.33Cardelli et al. (2008)
102Non-significant (study details)ItalianTNF6p21.33Lio et al. (2003)
157Non-significant (study details)DanishTNF6p21.33Bruunsgaard et al. (2004)
367Significant (study details)Italian (Northern)VEGFA6p21.1Del Bo et al. (2008)