LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

Found 550 results. Showing results 541 to 550.

ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G403Non-significant (study details, 2 variants)Finnish and MexicanWRN8p12Castro et al. (2000)
32Non-significant (study details)Finnish, American, Mexican and JapaneseWRN8p12Castro et al. (1999)
270Significant (study details)DanishXDH2p23.1Soerensen et al. (2012)
G418Non-significant (study details, 2 variants)EnglishXRCC119q13.31Wilding et al. (2006)
208Non-significant (study details)EnglishXRCC314q32.33Wilding et al. (2006)
209Non-significant (study details)EnglishXRCC45q14.2Wilding et al. (2006)
275Significant (study details)DanishXRCC52q35Soerensen et al. (2012)
210Non-significant (study details)EnglishXRCC52q35Wilding et al. (2006)
252Non-significant (study details)American (Caucasian)XRCC622q13.2Kim et al. (2012)
218Significant (study details)ItalianYTHDF21p35.3Cardelli et al. (2006)