LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G469Significant (study details, 281 variants)American (Caucasian)164 genesmultipleSebastiani et al. (2012)
G491Non-significant (study details, 66 variants)Italian36 genesmultipleMalovini et al. (2011)
G541Non-significant (study details, 78 variants)American of Japanese origin5 genesmultipleMorris et al. (2015)
G461Significant (study details, 40 variants)Dutch40 genesmultiplePasstoors et al. (2013)
G508Non-significant (study details, 316 variants)Italian (Southern)119 genesmultipleDi Cianni et al. (2013)
G501Non-significant (study details, 38 variants)Italian (Southern)16 genesmultipleCampa et al. (2012)
286Significant (study details)Italian (Central)TERT5p15.33Concetti et al. (2013)
G455Non-significant (study details, 6 variants)Danish3 genesmultipleSoerensen et al. (2012)
239Significant (study details)Ashkenazi Jewish TERT5p15.33Atzmon et al. (2010)
G526Non-significant (study details, 10 variants)American (Caucasian and African-American)4 genesmultipleReiner et al. (2013)
209Non-significant (study details)EnglishXRCC45q14.2Wilding et al. (2006)