LongevityMap: Genetic association studies of longevity

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ID Study findings Population Gene/Variant Location Reference
G492Non-significant (study details, 11 variants)Korean10 genesmultiplePark et al. (2009)
G491Non-significant (study details, 66 variants)Italian36 genesmultipleMalovini et al. (2011)
340Non-significant (study details)SpanishACTN311q13.2Fiuza-Luces et al. (2011)
91Significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOA111q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
92Non-significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOA411q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
3462Significant (study details)ItalianAPOA411q23.3Pepe et al. (1998)
24Non-significant (study details)FrenchAPOA411q23.3Merched et al. (1998)
G509Significant (study details, 4 variants)Ashkenazi Jewish 4 genesmultipleHuffman et al. (2012)
52Significant (study details)RussianAPOC311q23.3Anisimov et al. (2001)
4Significant (study details)FinnishAPOC311q23.3Louhija et al. (1994)
213Significant (study details)Ashkenazi Jewish APOC311q23.3Atzmon et al. (2006)
G475Non-significant (study details, 68 variants)Danish, German, Dutch12 genesmultipleSoerensen et al. (2013)
89Non-significant (study details)Italian (Southern)APOC311q23.3Garasto et al. (2003)
G461Significant (study details, 40 variants)Dutch40 genesmultiplePasstoors et al. (2013)
323Significant (study details)Chinese (Han)ATM11q22.3Chen et al. (2010)
G546Non-significant (study details, 592 variants)Danish91 genesmultipleDebrabant et al. (2014)
357Significant (study details)ItalianATM11q22.3Piaceri et al. (2013)
299Significant (study details)American (Caucasian)CARS11p15.4Yashin et al. (2012)
359Significant (study details)RussianCASP511q22.3Ulybina et al. (2010)
153Non-significant (study details)DanishCAT11p13Christiansen et al. (2004)