Ageing-Associated Genes in Model Organisms

Found 2205 results. Showing results 2201 to 2205.

Entrez ID Symbol Name Organism Longevity influence Max average lifespan change More details
2540150 zrg17 cation diffusion family zinc membrane transporter Zrg17 Schizosaccharomyces pombe Anti-Longevity Increase zrg17
852335 ZTA1 ZeTA-crystallin Saccharomyces cerevisiae Unclear Increase and Decrease ZTA1
179257 ztf-12 Zinc finger Transcription Factor family Caenorhabditis elegans Pro-Longevity Decrease ztf-12
32974 Zw Zwischenferment Drosophila melanogaster Pro-Longevity 38% Increase Zw
855480 ZWF1 ZWischenFerment Saccharomyces cerevisiae Anti-Longevity Increase ZWF1