GenAge Build 21: Release Notes

Release date: August 28, 2023
Number of genes in model organisms: 2,205
Number of human genes: 307

Build 21 is a data update. It includes an updated gene expression signature of ageing across mammalian species and tissues featuring 449 genes overexpressed with age and 162 genes underexpressed. Observations concerning a few genes were also updated to reflect new findings. A few HGNC symbols were also updated according to the latest HGNC build. Apart from the gene expression signatures, no genes were removed or added to the database.

Please remember these notes refer to the latest stable build of GenAge. The current GenAge stats may differ slightly from the above due to improvements after the build's release.

More information concerning the design and curation of GenAge is available elsewhere. Use of GenAge is free but subject to the conditions of the Human Ageing Genomic Resources. To cite GenAge please use:

Tacutu R, Thornton D, Johnson E, Budovsky A, Barardo D, Craig T, Diana E, Lehmann G, Toren D, Wang J, Fraifeld VE, de Magalhaes JP (2018) "Human Ageing Genomic Resources: new and updated databases." Nucleic Acids Research 46(D1):D1083-D1090. PubMed

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