Tau Index of Gene Tissue Specificity

The tau index indicates how specific or broadly expressed a gene or transcript is, within studied tissues. To that end, we used the tissue-specific gene expression data from GTEx (Version 8) to calculate the tau index for each human gene and transcript. Genes with a tau index close to 1 are more specifically expressed in one tissue, while genes with a tau index closer to 0 are equally expressed across all tissues studied.

In this page you will find the calculated tau index for each gene and transcript as well as their expression values across tissues, previously described in:

Palmer, D., Fabris, F., Doherty, A., Freitas, A. A., de Magalhaes, J. P. (2021) Ageing transcriptome meta-analysis reveals similarities and differences between key mammalian tissues. Aging 13(3):3313-3341.

Tau score file:

Tau_score.zip, zipped file with the calculated tau index for genes and transcripts.