DrugAge Build 3: Release Notes

Release date: July 9, 2019
Number of entries: 1,821
Number of drugs: 567

This is the third build of the DrugAge database. It represents a major improvement over the previous build as we fixed several small errors in the data and added hundreds of new entries.

Please remember these notes refer to the latest stable build of DrugAge. The current DrugAge stats may differ slightly from the above due to improvements after the build's release.

More information concerning the design and curation of DrugAge is available elsewhere. Use of the DrugAge is free but subject to the conditions of the Human Ageing Genomic Resources. To cite DrugAge please use:

Barardo, D., Thornton, D., Thoppil, H., Walsh, M., Sharifi, S., Ferreira, S., Anzic, A., Fernandes, M., Monteiro, P., Grum, T., Cordeiro, R., De-Souza, E.A., Budovsky, A., Araujo, N., Gruber, J., Petrascheck, M., Fraifeld, V.E., Zhavoronkov, A., Moskalev, A., de Magalhaes, J.P. (2017) "The DrugAge database of ageing-related drugs." 16:594-597. Aging Cell 16(3):594-597. PubMed

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