Ageing-related Disease Genes

The Ageing-related disease (ARDs) genes dataset is based on a 2016 paper published by our lab:

Fernandes, M et al., (2016) "Systematic analysis of the gerontome reveals links between aging and age-related diseases." Hum Mol Genet 25(21)4804-4818

We make available the set of ageing-related disease genes from the paper, together with functionality to merge and filter the genes with the other HAGR resources.

The genes were assembled on 15-04-2015 from data compiled by a National Institute of Aging study, which in turn used data taken from the Genetic Association Database. To select relevant ARDs, diseases with fewer than 20 genes associated and diseases of non-age-related disease classes were excluded. We chose a threshold of 20 genes because it captures the major age-related diseases yet not so many diseases that the findings become diluted. The original list also included processes and conditions, for example, insulin resistance and hyperlipidemia, which are dysfunctions, and for that reason were also excluded. The following analysed classes were described as age-related in the literature: cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, immune system diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, nervous system diseases, nutritional and metabolic diseases and neoplasms

The site allows ageing-related disease genes, or ageing genes from HAGR, to be viewed and downloaded in isolation. However the gene selection tool also allows ageing genes and ageing-related disease genes to be merged together, in order to find common genes.