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10980404Ho et al. (2000)Enhanced oxidative stress and accelerated cellular senescence in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)-deficient human fibroblasts.PubMed
11234019Ohtani et al. (2001)Opposing effects of Ets and Id proteins on p16INK4a expression during cellular senescence.PubMed
11914273Shvarts et al. (2002)A senescence rescue screen identifies BCL6 as an inhibitor of anti-proliferative p19(ARF)-p53 signaling.PubMed
12082615Morris et al. (2002)Sequential extension of proliferative lifespan in human fibroblasts induced by over-expression of CDK4 or 6 and loss of p53 function.PubMed
12177246Tang et al. (2002)The helix-loop-helix protein id-1 delays onset of replicative senescence in human endothelial cells.PubMed
12208764Haq et al. (2002)Constitutive p38HOG mitogen-activated protein kinase activation induces permanent cell cycle arrest and senescence.PubMed
12482990Itahana et al. (2003)Control of the replicative life span of human fibroblasts by p16 and the polycomb protein Bmi-1.PubMed
12581156Iwasa et al. (2003)Mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 defines the common senescence-signalling pathway.PubMed
12721301Sarkar et al. (2003)Down-regulation of Myc as a potential target for growth arrest induced by human polynucleotide phosphorylase (hPNPaseold-35) in human melanoma cells.PubMed
12761891Marcotte et al. (2003)hMad4, c-Myc endogenous inhibitor, induces a replicative senescence-like state when overexpressed in human fibroblasts.PubMed
12842909Grandori et al. (2003)Werner syndrome protein limits MYC-induced cellular senescence.PubMed
12871978Blander et al. (2003)Superoxide dismutase 1 knock-down induces senescence in human fibroblasts.PubMed
14604992Oruetxebarria et al. (2004)P16INK4a is required for hSNF5 chromatin remodeler-induced cellular senescence in malignant rhabdoid tumor cells.PubMed
14647293Gil et al. (2004)Polycomb CBX7 has a unifying role in cellular lifespan.PubMed
14701721Boucher et al. (2004)Dual role of MEK/ERK signaling in senescence and transformation of intestinal epithelial cells.PubMed
15263006Cho et al. (2004)Morphological adjustment of senescent cells by modulating caveolin-1 status.PubMed
15464245Toyama et al. (2004)Ninjurin1 increases p21 expression and induces cellular senescence in human hepatoma cells.PubMed
15574587Zhang and Cohen (2004)Smurf2 up-regulation activates telomere-dependent senescence.PubMed
15577914Wu et al. (2004)Regulation of cellular response to oncogenic and oxidative stress by Seladin-1.PubMed
15621527Zhang et al. (2005)Formation of MacroH2A-containing senescence-associated heterochromatin foci and senescence driven by ASF1a and HIRA.PubMed