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26500063Adrados et al. (2016)The homeoprotein SIX1 controls cellular senescence through the regulation of p16INK4A and differentiation-related genes.PubMed
26527005Zhu et al. (2015)SPOP E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Adaptor Promotes Cellular Senescence by Degrading the SENP7 deSUMOylase.PubMed
26529363Zhu et al. (2016)Suppression of RAD21 Induces Senescence of MDA-MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells Through RB1 Pathway Activation Via c-Myc Downregulation.PubMed
26583757Ferrand et al. (2015)Screening of a kinase library reveals novel pro-senescence kinases and their common NF-κB-dependent transcriptional program.PubMed
26683595Iwagami et al. (2016)Aspartate β-hydroxylase modulates cellular senescence through glycogen synthase kinase 3β in hepatocellular carcinoma.PubMed
26795560Münst et al. (2016)Nanog induces suppression of senescence through downregulation of p27KIP1 expression.PubMed
26802028Heo et al. (2016)XIAP-associating factor 1, a transcriptional target of BRD7, contributes to endothelial cell senescence.PubMed
26833729Wang et al. (2016)A gain-of-function senescence bypass screen identifies the homeobox transcription factor DLX2 as a regulator of ATM-p53 signaling.PubMed
27160904Ogrunc et al. (2016)USP1 Regulates Cellular Senescence by Controlling Genomic Integrity.PubMed
27606879Majumder et al. (2016)RNA-Binding Protein FXR1 Regulates p21 and TERC RNA to Bypass p53-Mediated Cellular Senescence in OSCC.PubMed