AnAge Build 13: Release Notes

Release date: January 13, 2014
Number of entries: 4,237

Build 13 is primarily a qualitative improvement of AnAge. Only a few new species were added, but dozens of entries were updated and new references added. After we verified and (where appropriate) updated the taxonomy, a few entries were eliminated, usually because they are now classified as subspecies or synonyms of other entries. As previously, the release of a new build means that HAGRID numbers were reshuffled.

Please remember that these notes refer to the latest stable build of AnAge. The current AnAge stats may differ slightly from the above as a result of changes after the build's release.

More information concerning the design and curation of AnAge is available elsewhere. Use of AnAge is free but subject to the conditions of the Human Ageing Genomic Resources.To cite AnAge please use:

Tacutu, R., Craig, T., Budovsky, A., Wuttke, D., Lehmann, G., Taranukha, D., Costa, J., Fraifeld, V. E., de Magalhaes, J. P. (2013) "Human Ageing Genomic Resources: Integrated databases and tools for the biology and genetics of ageing." Nucleic Acids Research 41(D1):D1027-D1033. PubMed

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