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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01304Psittacula calthropaeLayard's parakeet1401304
01305Psittacula columboidesMalabar parakeetNot yet established01305
02899Acrochordus arafuraeArafuran file snake8.802899
02966Clelia cleliaMussarana11.502966
03244Bothrops jararacaJararacaNot yet established03244
03246Bothrops neuwiediYara15.103246
02507Arvicola amphibiusEuropean water vole2.502507
02779Paraxerus cepapiSmith's bush squirrelNot yet established02779
01328Triclaria malachitaceaBlue-bellied parrot11.901328
03619NothobranchiusAfrican annual fishes--03619