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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
01983Mystacina tuberculataNew Zealand lesser short-tailed bat7.601983
01985Anoura geoffroyiGeoffroy's tailless bat1001985
02003Epomophorus gambianusGambian epauletted fruit bat7.802003
02007Pteropus alectoBlack flying fox19.702007
02031Corynorhinus rafinesquiiRafinesque's big-eared batNot yet established02031
02000Cynopterus sphinxGreater short-nosed fruit bat1002000
02008Pteropus conspicillatusSpectacled flying foxNot yet established02008
02009Pteropus dasymallusRyukyu flying fox2402009
02014Pteropus nigerGreater mascarene flying fox19.402014
02068Scotorepens balstoniWestern broad-nosed bat9.702068
02016Pteropus pselaphonBonin flying fox16.702016
01981Tadarida brasiliensisBrazilian free-tailed bat1201981
01987Artibeus lituratusGreat fruit-eating batNot yet established01987
02004Epomophorus wahlbergiWahlberg's epauletted fruit bat10.102004
02021Pteropus voeltzkowiPemba flying foxNot yet established02021
01979Molossus molossusPallas's mastiff bat5.601979