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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02149Dendrolagus dorianusDoria's tree kangaroo1902149
02163Macropus dorsalisBlack-striped wallabyNot yet established02163
02202Bettongia lesueurBurrowing bettongNot yet established02202
02168Macropus parryiWhiptail wallabyNot yet established02168
02196Trichosurus caninusMountain brush-tailed possumNot yet established02196
02162Macropus bernardusBlack wallaroo11.802162
02195Trichosurus arnhemensisNorthern brush-tailed possumNot yet established02195
02151Dendrolagus inustusGrizzled tree kangaroo23.802151
02177Petrogale lateralisBlack-footed rock wallabyNot yet established02177
02182Thylogale bruniiDusky pademelon9.402182
02193Phalanger orientalisGray cuscusNot yet established02193
02204Bettongia tropicaNorthern bettongNot yet established02204