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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02678Leporillus conditorGreater stick-nest rat5.302678
02701Notomys mitchelliiMitchell's hopping mouse5.302701
02703Pachyuromys duprasiFat-tailed gerbil8.302703
02707Praomys tullbergiTullberg's rock rat5.202707
02727Zelotomys woosnamiSouth African broad-headed mouseNot yet established02727
02728Zyzomys argurusCommon rock ratNot yet established02728
02652Acomys wilsoniWilson's spiny mouse5.602652
02668Gerbilliscus validusSouthern savanna gerbil502668
02680Meriones crassusSundevall's jird5.602680
02689Mesembriomys macrurusGolden-backed tree rat7.102689
02694Mus cervicolorFawn-colored mouseNot yet established02694
02696Mus musculoidesTemminck's mouseNot yet established02696
02706Pogonomys macrourusLong-tailed tree mouse3.102706
02714Pseudomys shortridgeiHeath mouse602714
02720Rhombomys opimusGreat gerbil4.502720
02726Thamnomys venustusThicket ratNot yet established02726
02661Colomys goslingiAfrican water ratNot yet established02661
02679Mastomys erythroleucusGuinea multimammate mouseNot yet established02679
02683Meriones persicusPersian jird602683
02684Meriones shawiShaw's jirdNot yet established02684