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All HAGRID Species or taxon Common name Longevity Display entry
02859Sorex coronatusCrowned shrewNot yet established02859
02862Sorex monticolusMontane shrewNot yet established02862
02863Sorex ornatusOrnate shrewNot yet established02863
02874Talpa europaeaEuropean moleNot yet established02874
02846Crocidura flavescensGreater red musk shrew2.202846
02854Sorex alpinusAlpine shrewNot yet established02854
02857Sorex caecutiensLaxmann's shrew302857
02865Sorex trowbridgiiTrowbridge's shrewNot yet established02865
02870Galemys pyrenaicusPyrenean desmanNot yet established02870
02842Solenodon cubanusCuban solenodonNot yet established02842
02845Blarina hylophagaElliot's short-tailed shrew2.802845
02871Mogera woguraJapanese mole3.202871
02848Crocidura russulaWhite-toothed shrew402848